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AV Systems Design and Installation

From paging and intercom to video conferencing and church sound systems, we can fulfill your specific requests. Call (814) 451-0717 today to request an estimate or for advice on how to solve your audio and video problems.
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We Proudly Offer:

  • Commercial Paging & Communication Systems
  • Digital AV Integrated Systems
  • Athletic Facilities Audio Equipment
  • Live On-Site Event Streaming
  • Video & Audio Conferencing
  • Control Systems
  • Church Sound Systems
  • Service and Maintenance

The Knowledge to Help You

You receive personalized service from professionals with more than 20 years in the AV systems integration business when you come to us.

The Latest Technology

Fact AV Technologies Inc. is fully qualified in the latest technology available in the audio industry to better serve you. These include computer assisted design tools like E.A.S.E.® (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers). We can also add layers to your existing CAD files for AV and communications.
Instead of waiting until you have an acoustic problem, call us now for a consultation. We can tell you if your facility may be prone to acoustic anomalies before it is built.

Custom Design

From the design process into the field, our technology goes the distance. Let us match you with the perfect sound measurement and analysis tools for industrial, commercial, and sound reinforcement applications. From identifying acoustic problems and recommending solutions to precision sound system tuning, we do what is necessary to satisfy your needs.